• Dallas After School Science & Technology Programs

    Learning with Hands-On Activities

    Club SciKidz Dallas lessons help engage students in observation, measurement, identification of properties, and experimentation involving life, earth, and physical science concepts.

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    Dallas After School Science and Technology Programs
  • Aerial Robotics!

    Club SciKidz Dallas is partnering this summer with OnPoynt Aerial Systems to research Aerial Robotics, and encourage interest in the career fields of science , math, and engineering.

    This is a camp you won’t want to miss!


    Aerial Robotics
  • The Best Summer Science Camps!

    Club SciKidz Dallas is the best place under the sun for extraordinary summers.

    Crime Scene Investigation
    Veterinary Medicine
    Chemistry Lab

    The Best Science Camps!
  • New Camps for summer 2015!

    We are introducing several new camps that include:

    3D Printing

    New Camps for summer 2015!
  • Camp Little Scientist

    Ages 4&5

    This unique camp will offer an incredible collection of projects and experiments that will amuse and amaze your little scientist! By being involved with several hands-on activities your child will explore the basic scientific ideas that play a role in everyday life.

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