Club SciKidz Dallas 2022 Safety Measures

The following protocols are SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME.  We successfully operated camp in 2021 using this multi-layered approach to prevention, and will adjust these protocols as needed as we get closer to 2022. 

Staff Training

  • Pre-camp best practices training for each staff member.
  • Training for cleaning and sanitizing classrooms.
  • Procedures for monitoring camper’s health.
  • Staff will wear facemasks indoors and outdoors if social distancing protocols cannot be maintained.

Health Screenings and Facemasks

  • Home-based symptom screening will be highly stressed for staff & parents/campers.  Any staff member or camper with symptoms should not attend camp.
  • Per current CDC recommendations, all campers and staff need to wear facial coverings (provided by parent) indoors at camp.  We know this may be challenging for some younger campers, but we will provide gentle reminders and as many outdoor "mask breaks" as possible.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Handwashing

  • Campers will be required to wash their hands and use sanitizer frequently.
  • Club SciKidz staff and facility custodial staff will clean classrooms and common areas.
  • Sharing of materials will be minimized when possible.
  • Club SciKidz will use EPA approved disinfectants.
Covid Safety Procedures

Symptom Action Plan

  • Campers exhibiting symptoms will be separated until they can be picked up by a parent.
  • Surfaces the camper touched will be disinfected.
  • Parents of any camper that came in contact will be notified immediately.

Outdoor Fun

  • Weather permitting, we will encourage staff to do as many lessons outside as possible.
  • Social distancing policies will be followed as much as possible with any outdoor activity.

Contact Reduction

  • Three foot social distancing will be followed as much as possible.
  • Class sizes reduced to 10 (instead of 20).
  • Campers will not mix with large groups.
  • Group activities will be limited.
  • Activities requiring a partner will be limited when possible.

CDC Updates

For the latest COVID updates, please go to:

Posters will be displayed throughout the campus reminding all to use healthy practices to stop the spread of germs.