Virtual STEAM Academy: How it Works

Livestreaming STEAM Science Tech Classes After School

Live Online Classrooms

Join our exciting teachers LIVE in Online Classrooms!

The Hands-On Science classes each last for 45 minutes and include a lesson taught by an instructor along with the accompanying exclusive Club SciKidz Lab Box.  The Coding & Gaming classes each last for 1 hour 45 minutes, and each include 2 lessons taught by a Club SciKidz instructor.  

Students are placed in groups of 6-10 students. 

What is Included?

It depends on which session you join!  All Hands-On Science classes include a Club SciKidz lab kit, which is a comprehensive collection of STEM-based fun science experiments and projects.  Our instructors helps young scientists and engineers explore the wonders of the world around them. Kids can even build their own "Laboratory" and "Museum" with the real lab equipment and curated specimens they receive.

The Gaming & Coding classes do NOT include any lab kits.  The Minecraft Club: Java Coding and Roblox Clubs do include a temporary CodeKingdoms account and a discount for future use.  

  • Science Experiments
  • Engineering Build Projects
  • Nature Crafts
  • Lab Equipment
  • Micro Activities and Observations
  • Secret Formulas
  • Science Quotes & Riddles
  • Inspiring Scientists
  • Science Surprise and a Splash of Science Fiction!
Equipment Tools Needed for Virtual Livestreaming STEAM Classes

What do we need at home?

You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is recommended that you have a stable internet connection with at least 25mbps for streaming video. Headphones and a distraction free environment will also enhance your virtual experience. You Lab box will be mailed to you USPS Priority Mail as soon as we receive your registration.

For all Gaming & Coding classes, please review all "Tech Specs" on the class' description page for more details about minimum requirements.  

Choose a time that fits your family's schedule!

Convenient afternoon and evening times are available. Online classes mean everyone is welcome to join! 

Your Zoom link, along with any applicable Tech Setup information, is included in your Registration Confirmation email.  This email is automatically sent to you by Active within 5 minutes of submitting your child's registration.  If you do not see it in any of your inbox folders, please contact us.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about the Club SciKidz Virtual STEAM Academy.